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My name is Cindy Lou Coffey and I am the daughter, granddaughter and niece of USAF Vietnam Veterans. I was raised in NW San Antonio when my father retired, attending elementary through John Marshall HS. I attended San Antonio College for an Associates in Urban Planning. Later working for UTSA and attending class concurrently with a concentration in Business Law, Economics and Finance. In California I completed the six-year attorney apprentice program to become an attorney.
I have always been involved in my community since I was young. I was a youth leader at church, a Girl Scout, Cub Scout leader, developed community events, neighborhood watch programs and various recreation programs.
Upon moving to south Napa County, I was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission and soon became the Chair. I was then elected to the city council where I served as a council member and Vice Mayor. I also started the city’s first community newspaper, owned the food concessions for the Napa Fair Grounds as well as 3 retail stores. While on Parks and Rec, I finished the 13-year skate park project, made the summer camp for kids profitable, developed partnerships with the school district for a new community pool and community center. I served on the City Council for 10 years. I appointed to most committees since I was the only self-employed person who had schedule flexibility. A few of these were the tourism board, transportation board and city finance committee. I was instrumental with side negotiations protecting the city from aggressive developers. I served on regional and state level committees. I was proud to be the only fiscal conservative elected to my council. My experience and leadership assisted the city in moving forward with a new senior center, 3 parks, a new public safety station, new city hall, and a new high school.
After living through the 1989 earthquake, it happened again in 2014. We experienced a devastating earthquake that paralyzed our county. Unfortunately, we lost 2 of our businesses completely and my husband developed PTSD from it. A few months later he decided to retire and wanted to escape the political insanity of California and relocate back to Texas. While receiving a BA in Political Science, my husband became a Reagan Republican for life. Please come to one of my socials to discuss your concerns. Discover information at: CindyLouCoffey.com or email at: CindyLouCoffey@gmail.com.
Thank you.