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BHS tops state and national scores on SAT and ACT performance


SAT and ACT Chart

Bandera High School students who took the SAT and ACT college entrance tests last year soared higher than the state and national averages posted for 2016. Bandera High School’s performance on these college entrance tests showed exceptional results compared to surrounding districts in the Hill Country and in the state. Nearly 172,000 high school students took college entrance exams in 2015. Bandera High School’s mean scores on the SAT and ACT college entrance tests exceeded expectations and the mean standards set by both the state and nation.
Bandera High School exceeded the state and national averages in the Mathematics subtest of the SAT. In the SAT Critical Reading subtest, BHS students exceeded the state average and approached within one point of the national average. In the SAT Writing subtest, Bandera exceeded the state average. Bandera High students exceeded the state and national averages on all subtests of the ACT exam by overwhelming percentages.
Bandera’s average ACT score has climbed more than a full point-and-a-half on the test’s composite score since 2014 from 20.6 to 22.1. On the SAT test, the average student composite score has risen 64 points since 2014.
“I could not be more pleased with how well our teachers are working to prepare our students for these important measures of college readiness,” Bandera ISD Superintendent Regina Howell said. “The SAT and the ACT are real measures of how prepared our students are to succeed in college.”