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A Thought for the Day

by John M Grimes

Have you ever wondered why some people at times fail to realize that an attitude can cause either happiness or misery?
How satisfied are you with your personal life? Are you satisfied more often than dissatisfied? Or vice-versa? How often have you tried to determine the reasons either way?
For example, are you sincerely trying to make the most out of what you have? Do you discipline your disgusts? Do you appreciate and express your admiration? Are you envious; do you covet someone else's possessions? Are you influenced by some one else's kindness of heart or gentle manners? Are you saddened more often by the clouds in your own life instead of trying to scatter sunshine in the lives of others? Do you allow worry to pull clouds over your life instead of ignoring them in the radiance of hope? Do you keep your heart free from hate? Do you treat others as you would like them to treat you?
Would not an honest answer to these sort of same questions help change an attitude toward life IF a change is longed for?.....................