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A Notice from the Bandera County Tax Assessor-Collector

Special to the Courier

Nobody wants to stand in line at their tax office to renew, register or title their motor vehicle. TxDMV Registering and Title System, has recently had numerous outages. This not only impacted our customers, but also impacts our day to day operations. Here in Bandera, we normally don’t have lines to wait in, but it is still frustrating for someone to come and be told we are unable to do any motor vehicle transaction because the state system is down AGAIN.
Since August 1, 2016 the system has been down six (6) times, lasting anywhere from 1 hour to over 6 hours. While TxDMV tries their hardest to keep the system up, things happen with the system, which is out of any one person’s control, especially here at the local level.
Wednesday, October 5th, a spokesperson for TxDMV said “around lunchtime, the system locked up and required a forced close. “As the state data center brought it back up, the system had to clear out pending transactions which can take several hours”. Gwenda Tschirhart, Bandera County Tax Assessor-Collector said, “We never know when this may happen, most of the time we are in the middle of a transaction. This makes it difficult for everyone involved. We put a note on our front door, stating the motor vehicle system is down, we hand out business cards so the customers can call and check if it has come back up. We do know this happens more frequently here lately.”
The state sent out emails to all County Tax Offices updating them thru out the day, on the efforts to bring the system up. They apologized for the inconvenience this brought to every impacted customer. As of Thursday, October 06, 2016 the state system is up and working properly.