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The Courier turns over a new leaf

By Gail Joiner BCC Publisher

When I started this newspaper with Carl Holt, over 12 years ago. We wanted to provide Bandera County with a locally owned, locally operated newspaper devoted to precise reporting of local news and events. Our primary goal was to provide the citizens and visitors of Bandera County with a clear picture of both sides in ongoing issues and to promote economic development throughout the county.
I am proud of the growth and success that the publication has attained through the years and am thankful for the support that we have received from the Community through subscribers, supporters and advertisers. I have been fortunate to work with many talented individuals who have contributed greatly to the development of the Courier you know today.
As time passes and a business progresses, it tends to take on a life of its’ own. Sometimes, when you are busy conducting the daily functions required to maintain a business, you don’t realize that you’ve traveled in a direction other than you had intended. Such is the case with the Courier.
I am a firm believer that change is a good thing, but I also believe that a good balance of the old and the new is beneficial to every one. Many changes have occurred in our community over the past 12 years. Although we have recognized them and reported them, we have failed to progress with them, and have, regrettably, lost sight of the balance required to promote community.
When I introduced myself in my first edition I made a few points that I would like to reiterate now. “We at the Courier are looking forward to sharing this publication with you and would like for everyone to feel that they are a part of this community effort to promote our local economy and development. As Publisher and owner of the Courier with 31 previous years in the publishing field, I hope to journey, in partnership with you, to a gentler place and time where family and community become synonymous.”
To that end, the Courier is turning over a new leaf. Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to our staff, Steven James. Steven is a recent graduate of the University of North Texas with degrees in Journalism (News) and Political Science. Steven is being groomed as the new editor of the Courier. He brings with him, current, innovative ideas for news and journalism in both print and through the social media networks. We look forward to Steven bringing fresh ideas and new life to the Courier.
Over the next few months, you should recognize subtle improvements in the format and presentation of our publication. We will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of local government affairs, but hope to develop a stronger balance with additional features of community and historical interests.
The Courier is a reflection of the efforts of many who will go un-sung in its’ production. However, the growth that we have experienced over the years is a direct reflection of the people in the community. People, like you, who have made their expectations of a community newspaper known to us. It is the wish of everyone involved that you will continue to share your opinions with us, and that you share our celebration, because it is your newspaper as well as ours.