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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

"Jack of all trades, master of none." Most men tend to move away from this dubious distinction.
It is truly significant that throughout history, only one Man has had recognition as Master of all trades. Tradesmen all over the work pay Him tribute in their own fields and bestow fitting titles to Him for His handiwork. Here are just a few examples:
As an Architect, He is the Corner Stone . . . As a Baker, He is the Bread of Life. . . As a Biologist, He is Life . . . As a Builder, He is a Sure Foundation . . . As a Doctor, He is the Great Physician . . . As a Farmer, He is the Sower . . . As a Geologist, He is the Rock of Ages . . . As a Philanthropist, He is the Great Giver . . . As a Servant, He is the Master of Perfection . . . As an Education, He is the Great Teacher . . . Yes, and even as a Funeral Director, He is the Great Comforter.
In all this world-wise recognition, isn't it a shame there are still some people to whom He means nothing?........................