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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercup BCC Stringy

Monday, Sept. 12:
• A misdemeanor bench warrant warranted the arrest of a Freak from Fredericksburg and he was – for a bit, at least.
• Maybe this 49-year-old is a part of the Cowboy Capital Cartel ‘cause she was caught with weed, the pipe with which to smoke it or the dangerous drug she was also carrying.
• A Bandito from Bandera got busted for a pair of misdemeanor traffic warrants.
• A Nincompoop from Perryton remains confined to the county can on account of myriad charges that include a felony so-called “Blue Warrant” that may revoke her parole; another felony warrant, this one from an outside agency; evading arrest, albeit not too successfully; having a fictional license plate (what did she make it from, cardboard?); failing to identify (don’t tase me, bro!); and having a falsified identification or driver’s license.
• An A-Hole from Amarillo also remains in the X Bar Inn for being dogged by yet another felony “Blue Warrant.” Two in one week, well, I swan …
Tuesday, Sept. 13:
• A Pipe Creep was sent to the slammer where he remains on account of accumulating a trio of misdemeanor bench warrants.
Friday, Sept. 16:
• At 64, this woman was old enough – not to mention, prominent enough – to know better than to drink and drive. Apparently she didn’t, so she’s been charged with an ostensible first DWI.
Saturday, Sept. 17:
• A Reveller from Robstown was found to be pickled in public.
• A 31-year-old woman of unknown etiology now has an abode to call her own. She remains in the county quod, charged with two felony warrants from an outside agency, felony possession of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance and a misdemeanor for having inhalant paraphernalia.
Sunday, Sept. 18:
• A Slug from San Antone found himself in arrears of the law due to a warrant from an outside agency and driving without a license.
• Another River City Reveler was caught being pissed behind a wheel, also for an ostensible first time.