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Shooting in Lake Shores, arson in Lakehills

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Last week, a shooting occurred in the Lake Medina Shores subdivision and an alleged arson was reported in Lakehills, according to Bandera County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Matt King. “But, other than those two incidents, it was a relatively quiet week in Bandera County,” he noted.
At 7:24 pm, Saturday, Sept. 3, a call came in to BCSO telecommunications reporting that a shooting had taken place in the 500 block of Iroquois Trail that required EMS assistance.
According to King, six law enforcement officers responded to the call – three deputies and two investigators from the BCSO and a city marshal. Deputies soon pieced together a bizarre and disturbing story.
As the report goes, after air conditioning had gone out in the San Antonio home of a 74-year-old woman, the woman’s 48-year-old daughter and a friend transported the elderly woman to her daughter’s home in Bandera County.
“Shortly after the two women got the mother settled in bed, the older woman rushed out of the bedroom with a gun and shot her daughter three times, in both legs and the abdomen,” King said. “The daughter’s friend got out of the house by climbing through a bathroom window and called 9-1-1.”
According to the law enforcement report, the older woman indicated to deputies that “… voices told her to kill her daughter because she was evil and had ruined her life.” King noted, “The woman had fired over her daughter’s friend in an apparent attempt to hit her daughter. She appeared not to have intended to hurt anyone except her daughter.”
King said the older woman was transported to a hospital in San Antonio for an emergency detention.
Her daughter was airlifted to University Hospital in San Antonio where she was treated for her gunshot wounds and released later that night. “She’s one tough woman,” King said.
The older woman had apparently brought the .38 revolver used in the attack with her from San Antonio.
“We don’t know if charges will be filed against the elderly woman because her daughter is undecided if she will press charges,” King said. “We’ll have a better handle on this after we interview the daughter later this week.”
In another case, BCSO has also issued a warrant for Christopher Winningham, 34, of Lakehills. Winningham apparently lives at the residence with his mother, who remains unidentified.
A call came in to emergency dispatch at 9:53 pm, Thursday, Sept. 1, reporting a house fire and disturbance in the 200 block of 29th Street in Lakehills. By the time deputies arrived, the fire had been extinguished with minimal damage.
The report stated that Willingham and his mother had earlier engaged in a verbal dispute. Before leaving the home, Willingham had allegedly placed a towel near the front door and ignited it. The suspect then left the area and remains at large. There were no witnesses to the reported crime other than the suspect and his mother.
“We issued a warrant for his arrest,” King said, “because, according to his mother, her son tried to set the house on fire.