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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercup BCC Stringy

Monday, August 29:
• A Lakehills Lawbreaker spent a couple of nights in the county can after being nicked for two failure-to-appear warrants, as well as for having a prohibited weapon – or two – in his possession.
• A Bonehead from Bandera found himself dangling from the Long Arm of John Law for felony assault with bodily injury, speeding and for a pesky failure-to-appear warrant.
• A local 17-year-old soon-to-probably-be career criminal was sent to the slammer – where he remains – for possession of weed and the pipe with which to smoke it.
• A Bandera Boozer was caught being pissed in public.
Tuesday, August 30:
• Traffic and failure-to- appear warrants seemed sufficient to send a local yokel to the choky where he, too, remains.
• However, a Bandera Bandito bonded out despite being charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
• Ditto, except this villain hailed from Pipe Creek.
• After flaunting all the rules, including weedwacking, paraphernalia possession, reckless driving and being unable to hold his likker behind a wheel for a first time, a Miscreant from Mission City still bonded out with alacrity.
• A Comfort Criminal was caught driving without a license.
Wednesday, August 31:
• A Lakehills Laddie went one drink over the line and was nailed for a felony third DWI, in addition to failing to appear.
• A couple of warrants from an outside agency proved to be the bane of a Misfit from Medina.
And a felony warrant that might revoke her probation put the skids on the long holiday weekend of a River City Reveler. She remains in the county quod for her trouble.
• Ditto a Perp from Pearsall who was arrested for felony possession of more than one gram but less than four of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance.
Friday, Sept. 2:
• Looks like a Bandera Babe failed to appear and committed a traffic offense, to boot.
• A couple of felony “other” warrants has ensured that a Bandera Blackguard remain in the pokey for a bit.
Saturday, Sept. 3:
• An 18-year-old Bandera Butthead was booked for a first DWI.
• A Lunkhead from the Lake District remains receiving “three hots & a cot,” courtesy of thee and me, for felony assault with a deadly weapon, being three sheets to the wind in public, making bogus 9-1-1 calls and possessing a dangerous drug.
• A San Antone Sweetie is still in custody for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Sunday, Sept. 4:
• Meanwhile another Slug from San Antone has been accused of assault with bodily injury and making bogus 9-1-1 calls.
Monday, Sept. 5:
• A New Braunfels Elbow-Bender is said to have been plastered in public.
• A Pipe Creep remains a guest of the X Bar Inn after being nailed for two traffic warrants and for failing to appear.