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Quest for ‘Authentic Manhood Today’


The Boerne Family YMCA, in conjunction with the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center (HCPCC), will offer a continuing discussion group with a Biblical foundation on the topic, “Authentic Manhood Today.”
The group will meet from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursdays, beginning Sept. 15 at the Boerne YMCA, 1361 South Main Street. There is no participation fee.
“Children want to be like us. We see them imitating our behaviors every day,” said Barry Partin, leader of the discussion group. “Are you ready to be their role model? Do you ever question what God wants for you and your family or how you are to lead them?” This group offers an opportunity to consider the most effective methods of parenting.
“Regardless of where you came from or how you were raised, we live in a time where everything we thought we knew is being challenged,” Partin continued. “This is an opportunity to recalibrate our understanding of our roles as men, fathers, and husbands according to God’s design.”
To register, call Partin at 830-446-1262 to register.