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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

Labor Day is a typically American holiday. It is an important day . . . not only for those in the ranks of labor, but for every citizen I this land. It is a day when the nation as a whole does honor to those who labor whether it be with hands of head.
In Europe, the great day of labor is May 1, May Day. It has often been racked with demonstrations and many times it has been marked by riots. Not so in America. We celebrate by simply enjoying the fruits of our labors. This country was founded on the theory that a nation could be welded out of peoples from all sorts of backgrounds provided they were willing and ready to work together.
It took labor of all kinds to carve this nation out of a wilderness . . . to cross treacherous rivers . . .to carve roads through trackless forests . . . To clear lands and building towns . . .
Labor Day is not a day set apart for any one group, but a day which all of us may celebrate. With this in mind, let us on this Labor Day rededicate ourselves to work to the best of our abilities so laboring that we may pass on to the next generation a nation better and stronger for our having lived and toiled.