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Bandera’s ‘vision’ thing

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

A Vision for Bandera meeting on Monday, August 15, focused on having chairmen of the five committees speak about the one item their respective groups have decided to make a top priority.
“There are so many great ideas with a lot of energy and momentum behind them,” said facilitator Rochelle Hunt. “However, all agreed that to stay focused and achieve quick success, it would be best to start with one main goal for each committee.”
• Horse Friendly & Keep It Western - This group is mapping out horse riding routes throughout the City of Bandera. Their goal is to identify different routes depending that are dependent on a rider’s skill level. Committee members will also confirm locations and needs for water troughs, hitching posts and trail signage.
• Parks & recreation-Medina River – As their initial project, this committee has selected Sandidge Park, 11th Street and Pecan Streets. This park has apparently been featured on other Bandera sites and many residents – and the Vision for Bandera – would like to see it restored.
Currently, however, there is a question regarding actual ownership of the land. A review of the records at the Bandera County Central Appraisal District indicated it appears to be city property It was believed the County but when reviewing the records from the Appraisal District, the appears to be a city property.
Committee members have offered to work with the Optimist Club, the organization whose members attempted to maintain the small, but popular park. Questions to be answered include who actually owns the property, if a lease can be granted and then application of grant funding to reconstruct and clean the park.
• Arts, music & historical preservation - This committee is planning a “Clean Up Bandera” event on Sunday, Oct. 16, to begin after church hours.
Early plans call for starting on one end of town as a large group and walking through the municipality picking up trash before ending up at the Boys and Girls Club Pavilion in Bandera City Park for food, music and fun.
Everyone is asked to stay tuned as chairmen for this committee continue to update the Vision for Bandera Facebook page as details are confirmed.
Anyone interested in volunteering for this effort is urged to contact Boone Holding here on this Facebook.
• Infrastructure & safety - This committee is assisting with the Oct. 16 cleanup event – planning and identifying food vendors, volunteers and musicians – in addition to everything else that will make this a successful event. Since this is a relatively short time frame, volunteers are urged to reach out as soon as possible.
• Promotions & events – This committee sponsored an informative “Meet & Greet and Mixer,” Wednesday, August 24, at the Bandera County Convention and Visitors Bureau on Highway 16 South.
The event included representatives from the CVB, Bandera Business Association, Bandera Community Foundation and the Bandera Chamber of Commerce.
• Mansfield Park - This committee is doing due diligence to learn about the ramifications of covering the rodeo arena, adding to the amenities at the park and addressing renovation issues. Many feel that renovating Mansfield Park would add to the revenue of both the city and county of Bandera.
Concluding her Vision for Bandera update, Hunt noted that the group is open to anyone and everyone “who has the desire and heart to volunteer to work toward taking care of and enhancing what is already all of our favorite little place in the whole wide world, Bandera, Texas!”
Vision for Bandera meets the second Tuesday of each month. The next meeting will take place at 6:30 pm, Sept. 13 at the American Legion Hall on 12th Street. Interested parties can also email visionforbandera@gmail.com.
“We welcome you,” Hunt noted.