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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercut BCC Stringy

By Sicilian Buttercut
BCC Stringy

Monday, August 15:
• A Hick from Hondo got popped for felony burglary of a habitat.
Wednesday, August 17:
• No surprise here, a Bandera Boyo was found to be driving without benefit of the requisite license.
• A Lovely Young Lady from the Creek District was apparently being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant that may serve to curtail her probation. She remains a guest of “Thee & Me” while awaiting either a judge’s decision or that of a bail bondsman.
• A couple of swizzlers were picked up for being pie-eyed behind sundry wheels. For the 60something matron from Fair Oaks Ranch, this was her ostensible first time, but for the Muddled Muggle from Medina, this unfortunately turned out to be his felony third charge.
Driving without a license seems to be rife in the Cowboy Capital of the World – as yet another hapless hooligan found out.
Friday, August 19:
A 21-year-old Booby from Bandera was nicked for an “other” warrant and another for failing to appear for good measure.
A Lawbreaker from the Lake District not only possessed blunt, but also a failure-to-appear warrant.
Sunday, August 21:
• A couple of Sots from Sugar Land and San Antone were pinched for being unable to hold their likker in public. However, only the woebegone River City Resident remains incarcerated for his trouble.