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It weren’t the Newton Boys, but …

Photos by Sandy Miles-Wolfe

At approximately 6:30 am, Tuesday, August 23, an alarm sounded at Bandera County Telecommunications’ emergency dispatch, signaling a possible break-in at a branch of Wells Fargo Bank, located at 9492 FM 1283, in Lakehills, said Bandera County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Matt King. When BCSO Deputy Tomas Rodriguez and a bank representative arrived on the scene a short time later, the would-be burglar(s) had scrammed without liberating a single bank note. Late in the afternoon, agents and analysts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation were still processing the crime scene. “Apparently, the thieves attempted to enter the bank by breaking through a cinder block wall on the side of the building,” King said. “After that failed, they went around the back and tried to peel the metal off the roof and get in that way. That didn’t work either.” He speculated that a jackhammer or similar piece of equipment might have been the tool of choice for the wannabe burglars. “There was a lot of destruction, but they didn’t get close to the vault,” King said. At this point, BCSO has had little to do with the investigation. “We’re letting the FBI do their thing,” King said. Courier readers, stay tuned for further details as they are released.