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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

At this time of the year, most people's thoughts turn to the coming change in the season, and the beginning of school. Kids of all ages will be standing, walking, running and in all ways populating the streets . . . so, let us all take a little more caution when driving . . . But we'd like to take this thought beyond the basic "school's opening, drive safely" theme, to include some other hopes for the coming school year.
We hope that all teachers, administrators, and students approach the new school year with a zest for teaching and learning, to provide the best education that is possible. And we would like to see all the parents of school children examine their own ideas and behavior and make a positive commitment to help in the education of their own kids . . . Too often, people criticize the schools, the teachers, the administrators and the kids for what some people feel is a general malaise among our youth. When, in fact, a lot of the blame for this malaise starts and grows in the home. . .
Let us remember that schools, teachers and parents working together can mold young minds and head them in a positive direction.