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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

All of us have to make scores of decisions every day. Usually these decisions reflect our character. Always they do something to our character, either for good or bad. Sometimes they are easy. Sometimes they are tough.
Some people make a practice of avoiding decisions by passing the buck'. They are not adhering to the late President Harry S. Truman's admonition "The buck stops here."
Some people just can't come to a decision about anything, and most people in this category are extremely unhappy. A great deal of life's unsatisfaction comes from the fact that people can not bring themselves to a showdown.
"Make up your mind!" Let's ponder this piece of advise. Much of life's dissatisfaction consists of the fact that we fail to get certain things settled at all. They may not be very serious or they may be very serious. But the thing that causes trouble, that keeps us continually stirred up and in pain or anger is the fact that we have never made up our minds about certain things. We have never laid it down on the line.
Most important of all, however, is that we have very definite showdowns with ourselves. Sadly, in so many aspects of life we just drift along, and the result is that we are unhappy, frustrated and worried.
Face facts as they are. Have a showdown especially with yourself . . .