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Vision for Bandera – working ‘the vision’

By Mary Schenk BCC Contributor

Photo by Dennis Allyn
The new Vision for Bandera logo is likely to turn up anywhere. The grassroots organization is serious about improving the city and county of Bandera.

After a standing-room-only crowd at the initial Vision For Bandera – Working the Vision event in a much-appreciated gathering at the Flying L on Tuesday, July 12, the V4B initiative moved into a proactive mode on Monday, July 18, at the Post 157 American Legion Hall in Bandera to organize subcommittees and begin the work.
The combination organizing and steering committee is comprised of Mason and Rochelle Hunt, Larry Haddad and Mary Schenk. While all of the steering committee worked on materials, Haddad took the lead with sending out email blasts and keeping up Facebook posts. Rochelle Hunt produced all the materials for the first meeting and made 50 phone calls to encourage those who signed up to attend.
“This truly is a group effort and in the absence of our fearless leader, Steve (Ball), we've all stepped up with Mason and Rochelle often taking the lead,” noted a V4B spokesman.
The steering committee took all suggestions forwarded to V4B and grouped them into five subcommittees that included:
• Infrastructure, Safety & Clean Up
• Horse & Rider Friendly – Keepin’ It Western
• Music, Arts & Historic Preservation
• Parks, Recreation & River
• Promotions, Events & Communications
At the first meeting, detailed projects were presented under each committee heading.
At the second meeting on July 18, those who signed up – and showed up – were encouraged to group into specific committees and choose two co-chairmen to head the groups, along with one or two specific projects to begin “Working The Vision.”
The result was an energized meeting in which all present dug into their specific areas of interest and actively began the work. However, slots on the subcommittees are still available.
The steering committee plans to stay in close touch with committee chairmen and members and announced the next meeting, slated for 6:30 pm, on August 15, at the American Legion Hall. V4B was offered the American Legion Hall as a meeting venue through the end of the year. “Thanks and appreciation go out to Ray Baker for this commitment of the hall and his time,” noted a V4B spokesman.
Steve Ball, originator of the V4B initiative, is at his summer home in the United Kingdom, but has been kept up-to-speed with developments via email.
His latest communiqué said simply, “Many thanks and well done.” The steering committee echoes Ball’s thanks to the entire community for its support and partnering in this effort to spotlight areas of concern in Bandera County and City and the work needed to resolve them.
Follow the Vision For Bandera Facebook page and at www.visionforbandera.com.