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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicillian Buttercup BCC Stringer

Monday, July 18:
• By the looks of this entry on the arrest report, it would appear that a Souse from San Antone got hisself all likkered up in public and commenced to assault a public servant for which he was charged with a felony.
• A local Frequent Flyer seems to have failed to attend another court session.
• After indulging in a bout of fisticuffs, a Bad-Tempered Banderan might need to partake of some anger management sessions.
Tuesday, July 19:
• Not content to drive without a license, a Bad Boy from Bandera also possessed some kind of drug-related paraphernalia. Well, surprise, surprise!!!
• Oh, no: “Bandera has a weedwacker in it. Lord have mercy on our souls.” That one was for all of you enamored of the “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” For the rest, “Nevermind.”
• So, not only did this Bandera Booger beat up on someone, but he also seems to have attempted to interfere with the beat-upon person calling 9-1-1. Well for his inconsiderate and illegal actions, this guy remains confined in the county can.
Wednesday, July 20:
• Not only is this San Antone Sinner being kept behind bars for Frio County, he’s also being held on some kind of detainer as well.
Thursday, July 21:
• A Slaggart from San Antonio just didn’t have sufficient time to obtain a driver’s license and he paid the price in Bantucky.
• I ask you, why can’t scofflaws from River City commit crimes in their own city thus enabling their own taxpayers to feed and house them? Here’s another ne’re-do-well still existing on the largesse of local taxpayers for a failure-to-appear warrant, for fabricating (?) an occupational license and for a felony so-called blue warrant that may revoke his parole.
• A Lakehills Lassie was also caught driving sans license.
• Another Lawbreaker from the Lake District, who remains incarcerated, hit the trifecta with misdemeanor crimes that include failing to appear, assault with bodily injury and being dogged by a coveted “other” warrant.
Friday, July 22:
• Another Friday nite, another assault with bodily injury.
Sunday, July 24:
• Now our final entry is rather interesting. Purportedly a 23-year-old babe came All The Way to Bandera from Las Vegas for the express purpose of getting pickled in public. Well, stranger things have happened, I suppose.