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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

All of us want our cars to run smoothly and efficiently so we take time to have them checked to make sure that all mechanical aids are in good running order.
Let's think about another important check-up to be made. How's your driving mental attitude? Can't you go over that and tighten it up a little? Fill it with courtesy. For in that word . . . Courtesy . . .can be found the key to most of our driving ills.
Courtesy doesn't take chances. Courtesy gives half the road at all times. Courtesy is willing to yield a technical right-of-way and makes allowances for inexperienced and elderly drivers. Courtesy is obeying clearly posted zones. Perhaps if all motorists were more courteous, possessed of the same degree of consideration which makes them lift their hats to women, and saying "thank you" for small favors, we would witness an automotive death rate far lower than ever imagined.
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