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DRT closing ceremony in San Antonio

Special to the Courier

Sunday, July 10, marked the end of an era. After 110 years, that date signified an end to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas as caretakers of the Alamo.
DRT President General Dr. Betty Edwards invited all Daughters to attend the closing ceremony. Daughters arrived from San Antonio, Arlington, Goliad and Utopia as well as members of the local Caddel-Smith Chapter. The event also included performances by Alamo re-enactors, a musical salute to “Ladies of the Alamo” by Sue Brannon and Steve Linley of Black Bexar Bagpipes.
During the solemn and emotional ceremony, Edwards spoke about the years of devotion shown by the DRT to the Alamo and the memory of the fallen defenders.
Prayers were offered in Danish, German, Spanish and English to honor the men from different countries and states who defended and died at the Alamo. The Texas flag was lowered, folded and presented to Edwards to be treasured as the flag that flew over The Alamo on the Daughters’ last day as caretakers of the Alamo.
For 106 years, without monetary assistance from the State of Texas, DRT members operated and improved the Alamo with money from their gift shop. Over the years, millions of school children and international visitors have visited the Alamo free of charge.
Time changes many things but there are some things – such as the Alamo and its story – will never change. Men fighting and dying for freedom will not change. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas’ devotion to Texas history and telling the story of Texas will not change.
As Richard H. Davis said in 1892 “The Alamo is not ancient history. It is no more ancient than love is an old story, for nothing is ancient and nothing is old which every day teaches something that is fine, beautiful and brave.”
The legacy of The Alamo will live on in the hearts of the Daughters and all Texans forever.