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Shooting incident at Alamo Beach area

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Shots were reportedly fired at a family enjoying a day out on the water in the vicinity of Wharton’s Dock-Alamo Beach, according to Chief Deputy Matt King of the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office.
During an interview on Monday, July 11, King said that the incident occurred at approximately 6 pm, Saturday, July 9, “up the river across from the former Pop’s Place.” No injuries were reported.
King continued, “A man and his family were on a pontoon boat when they thought they heard fireworks going off. However, they noticed splashes in the water near the boat that coincided with the sounds of ‘fireworks.’ At that point, they realized they were being shot at and left the area immediately.”
A source said the unidentified family consisted of a man, his wife and two toddlers. The man involved called 9-1-1 to report the incident. Responding officers searched an area off Lake Drive, but could not find an indication of where the probable shooter had been concealed. The investigation has not turned up shell casings as yet.
According to King, the man told investigators he believed a small caliber weapon had been used in the incident. Additionally, he pinpointed the origin of the shots as coming from the “1283 side of the river – Alamo Beach Road.” One source indicated that the man was “99 percent sure” as to where the shots had originated.
Postings on social media noted that multiple messages had indicated that a “family of boaters and one person on a jet ski were shot at while enjoying the water upriver from Pop’s Place.” Another message noted that the family had been swimming rather than on the pontoon boat at the time of the incident.
According to the posting, several incidents of this type have occurred on different days. However, King noted that only one report had been filed with the BCSO.
He said the investigation into the incident continues. Describing this as a “very dangerous situation,” King said, “Once a suspect is identified, we want to assure the public that he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”
King also called on anyone who sees anything suspicious or who has been involved in a similar incident to contact the sheriff’s department at 830-796-3771 immediately.
“If you see something, say something,” he said. “By working together, we’ll keep this community safe.