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Beneful deaths lawsuit dismissed in Canada

By Susan Thixton Truthaboutpetfood.com

A Canadian lawsuit that had attempted to hold Purina accountable for pet deaths and illness linked to Beneful Dog Food has been dismissed, according to a report by GlobalNews.ca. In an interesting twist, Purina has removed from Beneful the ingredient about which so many dog owners had expressed concern.
The lead plaintiff of the lawsuit claimed both her dogs became ill after consuming Beneful Dog Food – similar to a reported 3,000 other complaints FDA has received on Beneful. One of her dogs was euthanized due to “acute and severe kidney and liver failure.”
Lawyers representing the plaintiffs stated they “will be unable to prove that ingesting Beneful was the cause of the injury or death of the Plaintiff’s pets or that there was a common source causing the injury or death of the pet of any putative class member …”
Purina made a confusing statement to the Canadian news site: “We’re pet owners, too, so first and foremost, our mission has always been to limit the misinformation being spread to pet owners, which could have put pet health at risk by delaying advice or treatment from their veterinarian for a potentially serious medical issue.”
“Misinformation being spread to pet owners that put pet health at risk” and “delaying treatment” – is Purina claiming pet owners warning other pet owners about Beneful put pets’ health at risk? If so, this attitude is very concerning. As pet owners, we don’t ever “delay treatment” for our pets. Purina, if this is what you are suggesting, you are deeply mistaken.
The dismissed Canadian lawsuit claimed propylene glycol that had been included in the dog food – was a source of pet illness and death. Purina adamantly disagreed, stating, “This ingredient has been approved by the FDA as safe for years for use in dog foods and a variety of human foods including ice creams, salad dressing and cake mixes.”
But, on Purina’s website on Friday, July 1, Beneful Dog Foods no longer includes the ingredient propylene glycol. Purina has changed the formula for the dog food, and the ingredient so many consumers questioned is no longer in the pet food. One year ago, propylene glycol was the 10th ingredient in Beneful Originals. Today it’s gone or it is no longer listed as an ingredient.
(Insider information provided by a pet food manufacturing employee said their company includes ingredients in the pet food that are not listed in the ingredient panel on the label or website. I was told employees questioned management about the omission but were told to remain silent. I do not know if this is the case with propylene glycol in Beneful.)
If Purina believed propylene glycol was so safe, why did they remove it from Beneful? Why didn’t Purina stand behind the ingredient they claim is so safe? Just one of many questions that Purina will probably never answer.
Reminder, even though the FDA has received thousands of complaints of sick and dead pets linked to Beneful Dog Food, the agency has not tested the pet food – not even once.
It is more than disappointing that this lawsuit was dismissed. More sick and dead pets with no one held accountable; a way too familiar scenario. My sympathies go out to the affected pet families in Canada.