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Hunting artifacts

By Carol Wier BCC Contributor

I've always thought that to growing up in the Hill Country in the ‘50s and ‘60s would have been a magical time – less people, more nature and beautiful swimming holes to relieve the summer heat.
At that time, Vanderpool was very remote. Highway 187 up to Highway 39 was a dirt road that wound through the Sabinal Canyon in what is now part of Lost Maples Park. It came out at the top of the ridge near the old Station C pumping station.
I recently met a neighbor, who spent the summers of his youth staying with his grandmother in the area. To pass the time, he recalls swimming in the river, exploring caves and searching for arrowheads.
In fact, arrowheads became a passion with him. He recently took the time to show me different artifacts from central Texas, including “Kerrville Knives” of black flint and an extremely rare Corner Tang knife.
Also in the collection were Frio points, Paleo points and Montel and Carrizo points. There was even a rare Andice point, Martindale points and more that date back thousands of years.
It's become an obsession with him – finding and cataloging artifacts dating from when Indians inhabited this land. The highest quality Langtry point ever found even came from this area!
Meeting with him and viewing this collection was an excursion I won't soon forget. It brings back images of when Central Texas was wild and free, adventurous and dangerous for the early settlers and Indians striving to make a living off the land.