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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicillian Buttercup BCC Contributor

Monday, June 13:
• A Slug from San Antone spent several nights in the slammer after being charged due to a trio of felony warrants, two for failing to appear and another from a disgruntled bench.
• A Male Minor from Medina apparently drove without a license.
Tuesday, June 14:
• A felony warrant from an outside agency put the kibosh on the good times of a Pipe Creep and he remains incarcerated for his former transgressions.
• A minor was purportedly in possession of that which she ought not to have been – in possession, that is.
• A Lunkhead from Lakehills seems to have disregarded gentle suggestions from a previous court so a warrant was sent out for his arrest.
• A Creepette from the Pipe District might have stolen someone else’s vehicle – or mebbe she just “borrowed” it. Who knows?
• So, not only did a Bandera Bad Boy criminally trespass, but he was three sheets to the wind while doing it.
Wednesday, June 15:
• After taking umbrage, someone from the Lake District apparently committed felony assault against a public servant.
Thursday, June 16:
• A Bandera Bad Boy appears to a done something deadly – and worth a felony arrest – with a firearm.
Friday, June 17:
• An “other” warrant sent a local yokel to the quod for a while.
• A Lawbreaker from Lakehills remains under Lock & Key after felony assault with bodily injury and for resisting arrest.
Saturday, June 18:
• Well, what’s a Sattiday night in the Free State of Bantucky without at least one boozer being picked up for a first DWI?
• A couple of Scofflaws from San Antonio were nicked on account separate warrants from an outside agency.
• While a third of The Three Amigos found himself pinched for being pie-eyed in public.
Sunday, June 19:
• My mistake, a fourth River City Reveler was also detained for that outside agency warrant, but this n’er-do-well remains in the X Bar Inn.
• A Bad-Tempered Banderan also remains in the calaboose, but for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury.
• A sixth – and final – Blockhead from Bandera also remains in the County Big House, charged with felony possession of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance, failing to appear, driving without a license and a traffic warrant.