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‘When will it be finished?’

BCC Staff Photo by Judith Pannebaker

‘When it’s done,” quipped world-renowned artist Bill Stevens, who is working on his second Cowboy Capital mural project. Last week, Stevens put the finishing touches on cypress trees lining the banks of the Medina River. When completed, the mural, which depicts longhorns crossing the river, will be installed on the south side of the Bandera Firehouse on Main Street. The brainchild of local historian Dave Burell, this rendering was funded by the City of Bandera Economic Development Corporation. Steven’s ersatz studio is in the back “Hay Room” of the Western Trail Antiques and Marketplace. The door’s always open, so pop in and offer your opinion. As Stevens always says, “Two people paint every picture – the artist and the person telling him what he ought to do.”