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Campbell speaks on religious freedom, school bathrooms & gov overreach


State Senator Donna Campbell will speak in Boerne, about religious freedom, school bathroom sanity, and pushing back against overreach at all levels of government. The Boerne TEA Party will host Campbell, beginning at 6:30 pm, Thursday, June 9, in the Boerne Patrick Heath Public Library, 451 North Main Street.
Campbell will review some of the legislation she helped author and pass in the Texas Senate last session and provide a forecast of key issues for next session.
“Our rights are being challenged and stripped away at an alarming pace by the Obama Administration and sometimes even by our city governments,” Campbell said. “As state lawmakers, we must act to protect our citizens from edicts, ordinances, mandates, and reckless spending sprees that threaten our liberty, security, and prosperity.”
Campbell served as the author or sponsor of 60 pieces of legislation in the 84th Legislature that reached the Governor's desk and were enacted into law. She authored an additional 11 bills that passed the Senate, but ended up dying in the House. These included local government transparency bills, expansion of school choice, annexation reform, and American Law for American Courts. She plans to introduce variations of those bills again next session.
Among the most celebrated conservative legislation to pass last session were three bills she authored that strengthen Texans’ Second Amendment rights. These included open carry, campus carry and creating an enforcement mechanism for CHL holders to protest and remove unlawful signs that prohibited them from carrying on public property.
Most recently, Campbell has made headlines by promising to carry legislation similar to North Carolina’s bathroom law – HB 2 – and to push back against President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom and locker room policies in public schools.