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Holocaust survivor speaks to Medina students


Holocaust survivor Anna Rado will speak about her experiences to students at Medina Independent School District Monday, May 23.
She will address students from the seventh through 12th grades at approximately 1:30 pm in the school cafeteria. The presentation will include a question and answer session.
Rado, a well-known speaker and authority on the Holocaust experience, now lives in San Antonio. She was born in Rajka, Hungary, where her family operated a business. After first being sent to a ghetto, the family was later deported to Auschwitz. There, Rado became separated from her parents and never saw them again.
She was then sent to two work camps before being liberated at the age of 14 by Russian troops. Rado’s brother and sister, who also survived the Holocaust, later joined in San Antonio.
In preparation for her visit, seventh and eighth graders at Medina ISD watched a documentary about the Holocaust. They also created fictional characters and wrote diaries about the characters’ Holocaust experiences. Ninth graders watched a documentary and are reading “Night,” novel written by Elie Wiesel. They, along with seniors, also watched the “Freedom Writers” movie that deals in part with the Holocaust.
Rado will also address sophomores and juniors who have studied the Holocaust as part of their history classes.
Medina ISD English teacher Bill Cockerill coordinated the informational presentation.