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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercup BCC Stringer

Monday, May 9:
• A Lassie from Lakehills found herself dangling from the Long Arm of John Law after being nicked for two traffic warrants.
• A court ordered the arrest of a Bandera Bad Boy and so he was.
• A couple of San Antone Souses were apparently three sheets to the wind in public.
• A well-brought-up Lady from the Lake District hit the trifecta after being charged with a second DWI and for driving with neither a license nor liability insurance.
• A Comfort Cretin remains confined to the county calaboose, charged with felony failure to appear; felony theft of something worth more than $1,500, but less than $20,000; and a felony off-bond warrant, as well as for a quartet of misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency.
Tuesday, May 10:
• A Bonehead from Bandera remains under Lock & Key for misdemeanor criminal trespass.
• A felony “other” warrant purportedly put the skids on the good times of a Camp Wood Criminal.
• A Pipe Creep was pinched on account of a warrant from an outside agency.
• Not only was a Slug from San Marcos up to some criminal mischief but he was also presumably equipped with inhalant paraphernalia to make the job more pleasurable.
• Whereas the above’s cohorts-in-crime were only booked for the paraphernalia bits.
Thursday, May 12:
• A Bad-Tempered Banderan assaulted someone with bodily injury.
Saturday, May 14:
• Although charged with two felonies – aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and injury to an elderly person, as well as criminal trespass – a Bandera Bandito only spent a single night in the can.
• A Lickspittle from Lytle was caught and released due to a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.
• Uh, oh, a Boozer from Boerne is two down one to go with that driving while intoxicated thing.