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Place orders for SWCD’s fish & tree sale


The Bandera Soil and Water Conservation District has set May 20 for the semi-annual sale of fish and native trees and plants.
The tree and native plants will be available in the morning between 8:30 am and noon with the fish delivery set between 1 pm and 4 pm. Pre-orders for trees or fish must be made prior to May 16.
Available fish available include largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, channel cat, fathead and shiner minnows, goldfish and Koi. Grass carp are also available with a permit.
Native plants available include Mexican White Oak/ and Monterrey Oak, Lacey Oak, Burr Oak, Chinquapin Oak, Butterfly Bush, Possumhaw, Texas Walnut, Texas Redbud, Mexican Buckeye, Mexican Plum, Rock Rose, Mountain Laurel, Skeleton Leaf Goldeneye, green or gray Santolina, Dwarf Barbados Cherry, American Beautyberry, Damianita, Sotol and Flame Acanthus.
Besides being an attractive addition to a landscape, many of these trees can also be utilized by wildlife. Pricing is $25 each except for the Rock Rose, Flame Acantus, Damianita, Santolina and Dwarf Cherry, which are $10 each. Additionally, Monterey Oak is $45 and Chinquapin $30.
For information or to order, drop by the office at Mansfield Park or contact the office at 830-796-3334.