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Interviews begin for city administrator

By Sandy Jennings BCC Staff Writer

Bandera City Council held their regular meeting Thursday, April 7, with three items on the agenda and an executive closed session regarding filling the city administrator position.
The meeting started with an informative presentation by Greg Hallmark of Bureau Veritas. Hallmark covered topics such as building inspections, electrical, plumbing and plan reviews. These services used to be covered in-house until city council elected to contract the duties out after terminating the last city building inspector, Mike Armstrong.
After his presentation, Hallmark offered community members an opportunity to ask questions.
Councilman Jim Hannah congratulated the Public Works Department for cleaning up Bandera City Park with special emphasis on the area around First Street and the bridge where tourism has created heavy traffic.
The Planning and Zoning Committee presented the council with a revised ordinance – from December – which allowed for four signs for garage sales with a designated time period and clauses that reinforced the disallowance of signs on poles and advertisements in the city for garage sales in unincorporated portions of the county.
The ordinance had been previously presented to the council attorney who returned the revised ordinance to the Planning and Zoning Committee at the meeting.
The council then went into closed executive session to review the 10 applicants – winnowed from an original 31 – generated questions for interviews and scheduled phone interviews for the remaining applicants for this past Monday and Tuesday.
The council reconvened in open session with no action and adjourned.