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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercup BCC Stringer

Monday, March 21:
• A Booger from Bandera, who was being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant designed to revoke his probation, is no longer running. He remains confined to the county calaboose.
• A felony “other” warrant put a Wretch from Richmond behind bars. Unfortunately, county taxpayers – and that includes me! – must pay for his bad deeds in more ways than one.
Tuesday, March 22:
• A Habitat-Burgling Bandera Blockhead now faces a felony charge.
Wednesday, March 23:
• Apparently a 19-year-old Skell from San Antonio interfered with a 9-1-1 call and remains in custody for his transgression. Hey, River City, we got enough low-lives here, keep yours to yourself.
Thursday, March 24:
• A Bad Girl from Bandera not only got nicked for her first DWI, but also for carrying carrying weed while she was at it.
Friday, March 25
• A Creep from Corpus couldn’t crawl away from a felony warrant from an outside agency, so he too remains under Lock & Key while we – law-abiding taxpayers – foot the bill.
• A 17-year-old “debutant” from the Cowboy Capital was nicked for assault with bodily injury. Nice goin’, hon.
Saturday, March 26:
• A trio of Weedwackers, ages 22, 20 and 22, from the 1,000 pound gorilla southeast of us were busted for carrying same.
Sunday, March 27:
• A Sloshed San Antonian celebrated Easter by receiving his first DWI.
• Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, a 24-year-old Bandera Bum remains in the quod after felony assault with bodily injury and attempting – unsuccessfully, it would seem – to evade arrest.
• A Bandera Bonehead also remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn after being charged with felony possession of that pesky Penalty Group 1 controlled substance – aka Meth, I would presume.