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Smith responds to criminal immigrant homicides


United States Congressman Lamar Smith responded to new reports revealing that, since 2010, 124 criminal immigrants that United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released have been re-arrested on 135 new charges of homicide.
In 2014 alone, ICE released more than thirty thousand criminal immigrants instead of deporting them.
“How many Americans have to lose their lives before this administration decides to enforce our immigration laws?” Smith asked. “This administration continues to release tens of thousands of criminal immigrants into American neighborhoods each year, despite the fact that many continue to commit new, deadly crimes.
“Just this week we learned that 124 criminal immigrants were charged with 135 homicide related charges after being previously released from US prisons. When will the safety and security of Americans take priority over the failed amnesty agenda of this president?”
Smith went on to assert that the refusal of officials in President Barack Obama’s administration to enforce immigration laws has cost the lives of many Americans. “And, this president’s actions ignoring our immigration laws only invite more lawlessness,” he added.
Last week, following the lead of Texas, the House of Representatives declared opposition to the president’s illegal executive actions granting amnesty, work permits and government benefits to five million. “With those actions, the President also did away with the successful Secure Communities program that took criminal illegal immigrants off our streets and assisted in removing them from the country,” Smith said.
He continued, “At the same time, this administration refuses to crack down on Sanctuary Cities that further endanger the public.
“Our immigration system is not failing because it is broken; it is failing because it has been strategically dismantled by an extreme agenda that does not prioritize American lives and safety. This week we are reminded of 135 more reasons why the Supreme Court must restore the rule of law and overturn this president’s executive immigration actions.”