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May the Luck o’ Irish bless pups at Mulberrys fundraiser

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

The folks at Mulberrys Wine Bar, located at the corner of Main and Mulberry streets in Bandera, will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a special “Paddy’s Pound Puppy” fundraiser on Thursday, March 17. The fun begins at 5 pm and continues until the wee hours – or closing, whichever comes first.
The menu includes the bistro’s homemade traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner. But, plan to arrive early because this popular dish sells out fast. Of course to ensure whistles are kept wet, there will be plenty of Guinness and green wine coolers, as well as the usual great selection of beer and wine.
As everyone’s aware, Bandera is full of talented – and generous – musicians, who will donate their talent to help raise funds for all the homeless Bandera Pound Pups. The musical lineup includes Peter Lovett, Cyndy & Charlie, Dave Kemp, Lee Winright, Gibson Sisters, Hollin McKay, Boone Holding, Julius Henry Arlt and Art and Lisa Crawford
The Bandera County Animal Shelter on Highway 173 North is filling up so it’s time to move some dogs up north where good homes are a’plenty!
“Join us for this very worthwhile cause and may the Luck of the Irish make your evening special,” said an event spokesman. And special for the pound pups, too.