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Don’t miss Wild Hog Explosion this Saturday

Special to the Courier

Spring break is back in Bandera and so is the Wild Hog Explosion. It’s squeals and spills all day at the 14th annual Wild Hog Explosion and All Bike Rally on Saturday, March 19, at Mansfield Park, off Highway 16 North.
The event includes the hilarious Wild Hog Catch, a cook-off sanctioned by the Lone Star Barbecue Society, Bacon Bingo, arts and crafts and commercial vendors and fun games for the kids.
The Wild Hog Catch pairs about 150 wild hogs of varied sizes and ages with a number of willing humans – who also vary in size and age. Matched up by size and weight, one hog and two nervous people get in the ring with the humans challenged to catch the smart, fast, and loud wild hogs.
The object in this timed event is to catch a hog, put him in a feed sack and get him to the finish line as quickly as possible. Teams only have a minute to catch the hog before the whistle blows. Most of the time the hog wins, but only after a lot of action, adventure and tons of laughs – generally from the hog.
Winners in the adult hog catch will go home with a commemorative belt buckle. Winning teams of two compete for belt buckles.
For kids there’s hog catches for “runts,” ages three and four years; “piglets,” ages five and six years; and “shoats,” ages seven to nine years. Cute baby hogs are released into a ring and kids just have to touch them to win a ribbon.
At 11 am, lunch plates will be available for a “pig out” with all proceeds earmarked for the Bandera County Public Library.
Cook-off winners walk away with trophies, bragging rights and of course, cash prizes.
And, there’s always Bacon Bingo with its $1,000 top prize.
In Bacon Bingo, a 100-square grid is drawn and each square sells for $10. Well-fed Wild Wilbur and Wild Willie are released on the fenced grid. Both boys have promised to “go” for the library and, when the first one “goes,” his square will be deemed the winner. All proceeds from Bacon Bingo also benefit the library.
In addition, the popular All Bike Rally includes the Hill Country Fun Run and a “Gone Hog Wild Party” on Saturday night at the Longhorn Saloon, 307 Main Street. Bikers can enter the Hill Country Fun Run and win great prizes for the best – and worst – hands.
For more on this exciting information – or to enter any of the competitions – check out the website at www.wildhogexplosion.com. Gates open at 10 am.