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Wild Hog Explosion’s ‘SoooooooooWeeeeeeeee!!!’


As everyone’s aware, “SoooooooooWeeeeeeeee!!!” is the normal way to call in hogs. But how do you call in Wild Hogs? Well, you’ll find out at at the Wild Hog Explosion Hog Callin’ Contest, sponsored by Hondo National Bank of Bandera.
The winner of the best hog caller in Bandera County will win a trophy designed by artist Esther Benedict
The Hog Callin’ Contest will be held between Hog Catches on Saturday, March 19, at Mansfield Park, off Highway 16 North. The daylong event serves an the annual fundraiser for the Bandera County Library and features a Wild Hog Catch, All Bike Rally, a Lone Star Barbecue Society Sanctioned Cook-Off, arts and crafts, games and music and a Wild Hog Feed plate lunch. All proceeds benefit the library.
There is no charge to enter the Hog Calling Contest. Get ready, clear your throat and “SoooooooooWeeeeeeeee!!!”
More information is available at WildHogExplosion.com.