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Texas schools meet, exceed state standards


Texas public school students and educators continue to meet and exceed the standards established by the state legislature.
Results for the 2014-15 school years show 96 percent of public school districts earned the Met Standard rating, which is the highest rating in the state's accountability system. Only 4 percent of our public schools earned the Improvement Requirement rating.
By comparison, 70 percent of charter schools in Texas earned the Met Standard rating. An additional 16 percent of charter schools met the alternative standard, which is a rating option not available to the public schools, leaving 8 percent of charters with the Improvement Required rating.
“The state frequently changes its expectations for our public schools in an effort to catch them off guard and paint them as failures, but it just doesn’t work. Our educators are professionals and they continue to meet and exceed the state's standards game each and every year,” said Scott Milder, founder and CEO, Friends of Texas Public Schools. “They also consistently outperform the charter schools of Texas.”