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BHS Academic Decathlon team 3rd in state meet

Special to the Courier

Photo courtesy BISD
Members of Bandera High School’s Academic Decathlon Team celebrate a third place win at the state level of competition. Pictured are Blake Cromer, Coach Dan Zavorka, Elizabeth Powers, Mathew Houser, Emilee Mason, Catherine Ringel, Patricia McCourt, David Guzman, Josh Ellingson, Kalee Schoonmaker and Coach Cynthia Cockerill.

The Bandera High School Academic Decathlon Team earned third place in the state Small School Division in February.
As a regional finalist, they competed against nine other schools in the state competition.
Each student on the nine-member team goes through a seven-minute interview; a one hour essay; two speeches, one prepared and one impromptu; and written comprehensive exams in music, art, literature, mathematics, economics, science, social science and the Super Quiz. This year’s competition centered around the topic of India.
Each team that competes in Academic Decathlon competes with nine members. Three members come from the honors level, three members come from the scholastic level and three members of the team come from the varsity level. BHS coaches are Cynthia Cockerill and Dan Zavorka.
In the essay competition, Emilee Mason received a second place in the Scholastic division. In the speech competition at the Scholastic level, Elizabeth Powers earned a third place. Catherine Ringel earned second and Mathew Houser received first in the varsity division of the speech competition. In the interview competition at the varsity level, Houser earned third place. In the interview competition at the scholastic level, Powers placed second.
On the mathematics exam, Kalee Schoonmaker placed third in the varsity division, Emilee Mason placed first in the scholastic division and Josh Ellingson placed third in the honors division.
On the science exam varsity division, Houser won first. In the economics exam varsity division, Houser placed first. He also ranked first on the music exam varsity division.
On the literature exam varsity division, Houser won a third place. In the scholastic division of the literature exam, Mason earned first place and Houser placed third in the varsity division. On the art exam, Powers earned a third place in the scholastic division.
The top scoring individuals in each division also earned scholarship money as well as medals. In the scholastic division, Powers placed fifth, winning $750 in scholarship money. In the scholastic division, Mason placed fourth and won $1000. In the varsity division, Houser placed first earning $3500 in scholarship money.
As a team, BHS earned third place in the Small School Division with each member earning $500 in scholarship money. Overall, Bandera brought home $9,750 in scholarship money from this year’s state meet.
Receiving participant medals were team members Patricia McCourt, Blake Kromer, Ellingson, Powers, Mason, David Guzman, Houser, Ringel and Schoomaker. High scoring team members included Varsity Division –Houser, Scholastic Division –Mason and Honors Division – Patricia McCourt.