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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercup BCC Stringer

Monday, Feb. 22:
• A 19-year-old Bandera Bonehead has been charged with felony injury to an elderly person. Nice going, A-Hole …
Tuesday, Feb. 23:
• A Kerr-Vert remains incarcerated in the county can, after being picked up for two felony warrants that may eventually revoke his probation and for two misdemeanor warrants that indicated he had failed to adhere to the instructions of previous courts.
Wednesday, Feb. 24:
• A Pipe Creep also remains in the custody of the constabulary after being charged with four felonies – possessing the requisite Penalty Group 1 controlled substance and three failure-to-appear warrants – as well as seven misdemeanors, including resisting arrest, weedwacking (times 2) and a quartet of failure-to-appear warrants.
A Miscreant from Medina was sent to the slammer for some felony, which I couldn’t understand.
• A Souse from Satle Hills found himself pinched for a misdemeanor first DWI.
Thursday, Feb. 25:
• But a Bandera Boozer seems to be in more hot water after being charged with felony DWI for being inebriated behind a wheel with a child in her vehicle.
Friday, Feb. 26:
• A Lakehills Laddie was whisked away to the quod – where he remains – for being dogged by a felony warrant that may revoke his probation.
Saturday, Feb. 27:
• A female counterpart of the above has been nicked for driving without a license.
An Elbow-Bender from Hico – or perhaps Mico?! – drank and drove for an ostensible first time.