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Court proclaims March ‘Texas History Month’

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Photo by Judith Pannebaker
Pat Gaines, center, president of the Joshua D. Brown Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, received a proclamation from Commissioners Bobby Harris and Bob Grimes, Judge Richard Evans and Commissioners Andy Wilkerson and Jordan “Jody” Rutherford designating March as Texas History Month in Bandera County.

Bandera County Commissioners urge all residents to honor Texas heroes and display the Texas Flag throughout the month of March.
During a regular meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25, Pat Gaines, president of the Joshua D. Brown Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, was on hand as commissioners proclaimed March “Texas History Month.” Gaines, along with museum trustees, will commemorate the month with a Texas-centric display at the Frontier Times Museum, 510 13th Street, in Bandera. The exhibit will continue throughout March.
Dates from March 1836 significant to the State of Texas include:
•March 2, the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed at Washington-On-The-Brazos;
• March 6, the Alamo fell and all Texian defenders died for the cause of Texas Independence; and
•March 27, approximately 400 Texians were slaughtered after surrendering at Goliad.
However, on April 21, 1836, the Texian Army, led by General Sam Houston, fought and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s Mexican army in a battle that lasted just 18 minutes. Three weeks later, Santa Anna, who also served as the president of Mexico, signed a peace treaty, forcing the Mexican Army to leave the region and paving the way for the Republic of Texas to become an independent country.
The victory made Houston a national celebrity and the Texians’ rallying cries of “Remember the Alamo!” and “Remember Goliad!” were forever emblazoned in Texas history and legend.
Along with County Judge Richard Evans, Precinct 1 Commissioner Bobby Harris, Precinct 2 Commissioner Bob Grimes, Judge Richard Evans and Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Wilkerson and Precinct 4 Commissioner Jordan “Jody” Rutherford congratulated Gaines for her continued work and that of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT).
Organized in 1891, the DRT perpetuates forever the memory of the Texas pioneer families and soldiers and officials of the Republic of Texas. The Joshua D. Brown Chapter was chartered in January 1996 in Kerrville and is one of over 100 chapters throughout the State of Texas.
Emphasizing the need to study Texas history, Evans said, prior to reading the resolution into the official court record, “To know who you are, you have to know where you came from.”