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Volunteers needed at Schreiner University


Schreiner University’s Community Volunteer Program is looking for persons from the Kerrville area and surrounding counties to work with students, faculty and staff on campus.
The following volunteer positions are available:
• Experts or classroom lecturers to share expertise garnered from successful careers in specific fields, avocational interests, involvement in community service or experiences with travel and work abroad.
• Office assistants to provide clerical and reception services for campus offices.
• Bookstore assistant to help in the University Bookstore during high-traffic times. Duties may include shelving books, greeting customers, displaying and maintaining merchandise and counter coverage.
• Choral sectionals assistant to lead practice sessions for voice sections.
• Choral office assistant to help the choir director organize and maintain a music library.
• Pianist to accompany choral sectional practices
• Theatre wardrobe assistant to help theatre faculty develop and manage wardrobe items needed for theatre productions. This may involve creating and maintaining costumes, inventorying wardrobe items and researching appropriate costumes for productions.
• Theatre construction assistant to help faculty and students develop sets for theatre productions and maintain the construction workshop.
• Tutors to coach students in all academic disciplines, particularly the sciences and math.
The Community Volunteer Program creates opportunities to engage area residents, alumni, friends, faculty and staff in meaningful volunteer activities to empower, activate and enrich students’ lives.
“We greatly appreciate persons who are willing to share their time, talents and expertise for the betterment of our students and the campus community,” said Community Volunteer Coordinator Peg Layton. “In turn, we believe the volunteers’ lives will be enriched as members of the Schreiner family.”
For more information about specific positions or the volunteer program in general, contact Layton by calling 830-792-7211 or emailing playton@schreiner.edu.