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SWCD releases newsletter


The Bandera County Soil and Water Conservation District released its first quarter newsletter last week. The letter is only available via email. Ag property landowners can email the district at banderaswcd@tx.nacdnet.org to get on the mailing list.
Bandera County's SWCD was established in 1948. The aim of all SWCD's is to "work to bring about the widespread understanding of the needs of soil and water conservation. In addition, they work to activate the efforts of public and private organizations and agencies into a united front to combat soil and water erosion and to enhance water quality and quantity in the state."
The newsletter states that "It is the purpose of SWCDs to instill in the minds of local people that it is their individual responsibility to do the job of soil and water conservation. SWCDs receive assistance from many sources. But with all this help, farmers, ranchers, communities and other individuals must exercise a voluntary initiative in applying a conservation program compatible with their own objectives."
The annual Spring Field Day (subject to rainfall) will be held in March or April. Call the office at 830-796-3334 for details.
Ag landowners are notified that the sign up for the USDA Conservation Programs (primarily EQIP and CSP) is continuous but the sooner and owner comes in to fill out an application and have a plan developed or revised, the sooner the owner will be ready to be ranked and considered for approval for assistance as funds become available throughout the year.
SWCDs work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, an agency of the USDA, to provide technical assistance to farmers and ranchers in preparation of a soil and water conservation plan to meet their land unit's specific needs.
Directors of the SWCD are elected from local ag property owners for four-year terms. District directors are Travis Langford, Randy Schott, Rob Sandidge, David Long and Tony Watson. Board meetings are scheduled for Feb.11, March. 10, April 14 and May 12 at the Livestock Show Barn Meeting Room, Mansfield Park, SH 16 N in Bandera.