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Possible Polly Peak perp pinched

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

According to Bandera County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Matt King, a local man has been arrested and charged with a string of burglaries that occurred recently in the Polly Peak area off Highway 16 South.
Eric Kievit, 27, was arrested in the early morning hours Thursday, Jan. 7, while walking along River Trail.
Earlier, an area resident had called emergency telecommunications to report "suspicious activity." BCSO Deputy Corey Bolt was dispatched to the scene and quickly located the man in question. After activating emergency flashers, Bolt pulled his patrol vehicle over on the side of the road near the suspect.
At that time, according to reports, the man fled the area, but after a short chase, Bolt apprehend him without further incident. The suspect was quickly identified as Kievit. Bolt allegedly also found drug paraphernalia on the suspect.
Additionally, Kievit had an outstanding warrant in conjunction with a golf cart stolen from an outbuilding on Dec. 1 on Forest Trail in Polly Peak, along with a new power tool and a sizable amount of cash. Other burglaries were reported at approximately the same time.
Several weeks later, the golf cart, which had been repainted, was later traced to an individual in Ingram, who had purchased it for $200. At that time, King said the man had bought it through a third party and was not a suspect in the ongoing case.
"Using information supplied by the man, investigators obtained a warrant for a suspect who resides in the Polly Peak area," King said. "It was a case of a friend of a friend." At that time, King declined to release the suspect's name until an arrest has been made.
Kievit has been charged with state jail felony theft. He mains incarcerated in the Bandera County Jail.
Although none of the swag or money from several other burglaries has yet been recovered, King remains optimistic, saying, "The investigation continues and we're pursuing other venues."