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Generosity helps food pantry reopen

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

When thieves broke into the Faith Tabernacle fireworks stand Dec. 30, they took more than money and inventory. They cheated many people in need of the services of the church's food pantry. But Pastor Tim Lovelace had good news this week.
"The reporting by local newspapers, and Mike Hernandez of News4 SA, created a public awareness of Faith Tabernacle's decision to suspend food pantry services due to the theft of its fireworks stand and loss of fundraising proceeds. As a result, Faith Tabernacle and FT52 Food Pantry have received encouraging responses of support from businesses and the community, and will be able to reopen sooner than expected," Lovelace said.
The church uses funds raised by the sale of fireworks at their FM 1283 location to subsidize their mission projects. The food pantry is a key part of that outreach.
Faith Tabernacle's FT 52 Food Pantry serves about 300 families each month through the food program.
"Because of generous support from many, FT52 Food Pantry plans to open again on Tuesday, Feb. 2," Lovelace announced.
The church would like to thank H-E-B, San Antonio Food Bank, Vicki Browning of Texas Rose Realty, Western Heritage Church, Lakehills United Methodist Church, the Boys & Girls Club in Lakehills and all the individuals (many whose names are not known), for their involvement and donations.