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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercup BCC Stringer

Monday, Jan. 4:
• Starting the New Year off right, a 19-year-old Kerr-Vert was nicked for DUI as a minor and - surprise, surprise! - failing to properly identify himself.
• An A-Hole from Alton was not only pinched for a first DWI, but also charged with driving without a license and remains a guest of the Drop Right Inn for her transgressions.
Tuesday, Jan. 5:
• A Bandera Babe and Boyo were both busted for blunt.
• A couple of local yokels, ages 20 and 18, burgled vehicles - and none too successfully at that. A question remains, did both break into a single vehicle or were two vehicles broken into the same night? We'll probably never know, but both ne'r-do-wells are out on bond, so lock up tight.
• Tripped up by a traffic offense, a Bonehead from Bandera was also found to have failed to appear as well.
• A Slug from San Antonio remains under Lock & Key and under a quartet of charges, including possessing pot and a felony Penalty Group I controlled substance and felony tampering or fabricating evidence, as well as being dogged by a warrant from an outside agency.
Wednesday, Jan. 6:
• A court ordered that a Center Point Perp be arrested and so he was - and so he remains, charged with a felony, no less.
Thursday, Jan. 7:
• Yet another Blockhead from Bandera was sent to the slammer when he remains due to a slew of sins, including felony possession of a by-now-requisite-in-Bandera PG I controlled substance and for attempting to steal something worth over $1,500 but less than $20,000, in addition to the following misdemeanors: evading arrest (you can see where that got him), two traffic warrants and a duet of warrants insinuating he had not heeded the wise ministrations of a previous court.
• A felony bench warrant warranted the arrest of a Lakehills Loon and so he was and so he remains.
• A trio of failing-to-appear warrants put the skids on the good times of a 43-years-young Miss Thang who traveled all the way from Canyon Lake to have what she had hoped might be a good time in the Free State of Bantucky.
Friday, Jan. 8:
• Strike two for a Boozing Bandito from Kerrville after he was picked up a second time for driving while intoxicated. He remains in the can 'cause apparently he's awaiting a visit from an ICE agent, too.
• A weedwacker from River City was busted carrying pot.
Saturday, Jan. 9:
• A Bobo from Bandera got pinched for a couple of outstanding misdemeanor warrants - failing to appear and an "other."
Sunday, Jan. 10:
• A Lush from Lakehills was picked up for being pie-eyed in public.
Monday, Jan. 11:
• A Bandera Bad Girl may see her probation revoked after being served with a so-called misdemeanor "Blue Warrant."