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Moseley announces for Pct. 3 commissioner

Public Announcement

I, Jack Moseley, am announcing my candidacy for Bandera County Commissioner Precinct 3.
I have been married to my best friend, Susie, for almost 47 years and we have two sons, two daughters-in-law and two grandsons.
Born in Bandera in 1951 to Jack and Ann Moseley, I have lived here most of my life, graduating from Bandera High School in 1969. While attending school, I was very active in 4-H, FFA and Bandera High School Rodeo Club.
After high school I attended Southwest Texas Junior College in Uvalde, where I studied agricultural economics. In 1971, I transferred to San Antonio Community College and studied business by taking night classes, while working at the San Antonio Union Stockyard and Everett's Custom Feed in Bandera.
In 1974, we moved to Florida to work in the family's business, Flamingo Oil Company. Flamingo Oil is a wholesale oil distributor and blending facility. From 1974-1980, I worked various positions with the company, starting out as a truck driver, tank truck driver and warehouse worker. In time, I was promoted to production and distribution manager.
From 1981 to 1993, I was promoted to general operations manager and became responsible for the day-to-today operation of over 50 employees, including office and warehouse workers and truck drivers. Also, included in my job description was shipping, receiving, bulk oil blending and the coordination of 10 to 12 salesmen throughout South Florida. I was involved in budgeting, purchasing of insurance, banking, fleet management and scheduling.
Additionally, I served as the company's state and local EPA contact.
While working at Flamingo Oil Company, I attended a Small Business Management Course at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. I also attended two Data General Computer system courses in 1980 and 1987 in Boston.
In 1992 after our youngest son left for college, my wife and I decided to move back home to Bandera. Since moving back I have worked in management at Boyle Enterprises and D' Spain Sales and Service. For the last 11 years, I have been employed with Bandera County Road and Bridge Department as an equipment operator.
My family still has a 500-plus acre ranch here in Bandera. Since moving back home I have managed a bed and breakfast - the Moseley Ranch Bed and Barn - and a deer hunting operation. Currently, I manage MR Cattle, a cow-calf operation on Moseley Ranch.
I am looking forward to working with the folks in Precinct 3 and trying to help all of Bandera County. Thank you for your support.