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Personal best at Christmas

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On Saturday, Dec. 26, the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters, who include, from left, Dennis Allyn, Chuck Monsen, Carol Neeley, Buck Murray, Tommy Knotts, Roy Dugosh, Paul Ingenhuett and John "Doc" Cicotte, who is not pictured, performed to a record crowd of over 120-plus spectators. Additionally, the popular gunfighters "deputized" a crew of 33 kids to help them with their law-abiding efforts. Each child received coupons for a scoop of ice cream and a cookie, as well as becoming a card-carrying member of the Cattle Company Posse. Nearly every Saturday, the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters perform two shows behind the Bandera County Convention & Visitors Bureau, located on Highway 16. The County Courier applauds the gunfighters for "Keeping Bandera Western" - despite recent misguided attempts of several elected and appointed officials to thwart the efforts.