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Break in suspends food pantry ops

By Carolyn B. Edwards

The Grinch thought he was taking a pile of fireworks last week. But for hungry families in Lakehills, his greed cheated them of food they needed. According to a press release from Pastor Tim Lovelace from Faith Tabernacle in Lakehills, when thieves robbed the church's fireworks stand, they caused a suspension of food pantry operations.
The fireworks stand on FM 1283 was broken into and robbed of inventory on Saturday, Dec. 30, Lovelace reported.
"This caused a major setback for us as the firework sales fund different ministries at our church. Because of this, we are suspending FT52 Food Pantry services until we are able to recoup some of our losses," Lovelace said.
"Thank you for your understanding. We will keep you informed as to when we will be able to restore our services," he said.
The church has been operating the food pantry for about four years. They provide food for families in need in the Lakehills community. Approximately 275 to 300 families are assisted each month with this valuable mission project. "That's almost 1,000 people a week who won't be getting their supplemental food," said food pantry coordinator Penny Hock.
According to Chief Deputy Matt King at the Bandera County Sheriff's Office, the building was discovered Sunday morning with most of the fireworks and some cash missing. Anyone with information about the break-in should call BCSO at 830-796-3771.
Anyone wishing to help the church replenish its resources to help get the food pantry back in operation may contact Hock at 210-452-4191.