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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Sicilian Buttercup BCC Stringer

Monday, Jan. 25:
• A couple of felony warrants that may serve to revoke the probation of a Bad Boy from Boerne has kept the creature in the can - as of this writing at least.
Wednesday, Jan. 27:
• A Bandera Bozo also remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn for felony burglary of a habitat.
• A Bandita from Bandera was nicked for being three sheets to the wind in public as she assaulted someone by contact.
• Apparently a Lakehills Lush has committed her first driving while inebriated misdemeanor.
Thursday, Jan. 28:
• A local yokel was picked for the by-now-familiar crime of possessing less than one gram of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance. "Hey, dude with a badge, it was just for my own personal use. Gimme a break!"
Friday, Jan. 29:
• A Del Rio D-Quad found himself dangling from the Long Arm of John Law after a felony bench warrant apparently warranted his arrest.
• Uh, oh, a Frequent Flyer has been charged with resisting and evading arrest - and none too successfully we might add.
• A Bodacious Babe from Bandera (sounds like the beginning of a limerick, don't it?) ostensibly failed to obey the kind suggestions of a previous court, so she was nailed for it.
Saturday, Jan. 30:
• A Boerne Bad Girl found herself tripped up by a misdemeanor warrant that - you guessed it! - might cause her probation to go away. "Go way" in the sense, she will be remanded to a facility bristling with bars and locks.
• Ah, as les bonne temps associated with Cowboy Mardi Gras begin, a couple of hard-drinkin' Bandera Banditos (and we don't mean the motorcycle kind) were found to be pissed in public.
Sunday, Jan. 31:
• As les bonne temps progressed, a couple from Kingsland and Fort Worth were hauled off to the hoosegow for a first DWI and being PI-ed, respectively.
• Ditto, a couple of Sots from San Antone.
• And, a Tanked Up Toppler from Richland and a Befuddled Bandera Boozer must be "congratulated" for the dubious honor of both being charged with felony third DWIs.
• For the final arrest for over-imbibing of refreshing adult beverages, we have a Cowboy Capital Chump who remains in the quod not only for being pie-eyed in public but also for conducting himself in a disorderly manner, to boot.