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Lamb takes aim at Precinct 1 seat

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Jerrett V. Lamb, candidate for Precinct 1 County Commissioner, is not your typical Bandera County political candidate. For the past 25 years, he has served the corporate and private real estate brokerage sector.
Originally from the West Texas town of San Angelo, Lamb was brought up in a ranching family, rich with Texas history and he is proud of eighth-generation status as a Texan. A resident of Pipe Creek since 1999, Lamb lives with his wife and two children on their family Hill Country ranch.
Lamb's maternal roots go back to Joseph Vander Straten who migrated from Antwerp, Belgium in 1846. Joseph's son, Theodore, a stonemason, became friends with the Menger family and constructed the family's famed the Menger Hotel in 1850.
According to Jerrett, entered the race for County Commissioner Precinct 1 because of perceived long-term stagnation of economic development for the immediate Precinct 1 area and the overall county overall. "Precinct 1 is the literal front-door to Bandera County and should serve as the host for welcoming business and industry along the State Highway 16 and State Highway 46 corridors," Lamb said.
He also feels that post-secondary education has always lacked in the area, and that an educated workforce locally will be needed to help promote commercial and industrial growth - which the area is poised for. "So many of our graduating seniors have no local resource for post-secondary education and-or skilled trades," Jerrett noted. "Therefore, we see many of our brightest and most talented move to other areas of the state."
Lamb intends to be instrumental in bringing industry, trade and education components to the county and focus attention on the issues surrounding private property rights, saying, "Strategic growth in our county is a necessary evil."
He also seeks to help promote and encourage taxable industry to buffer and support the vast infrastructure needs of the county. Continuing, Lamb said, "We need to bring Bandera County into the limelight of exemplary roadways, which will be the core of trickle-down budget cuts." He feels that the county spends far too much money on unnecessary equipment and vehicle repairs caused by deplorable road conditions prevalent in all precincts throughout the county.
"While we're all enthralled by the idea of a dirt-road lifestyle, we rarely take account on how poor roads deteriorate vehicles at a rapid pace and how vast county monies have to be spent to repair them," Jarrett explained.
According to Jerrett, the items listed above are but a small component in the arsenal of needs for the county. There are other impactful areas like Medina Lake, a major economic component to the county through recreational sporting and leisure activities. The impacts of which are far stretching and literally touch on the far west reaches of the county.
The beauty and serenity of Bandera County has embraced folks for decades and Lamb does not want to change that. He said, "I don't want to see a bunch of rooftops, but I do want to see viable commercial growth to help offset excessive private property taxation in our county."
Lamb has bought and sold ranches, commercial property and homes throughout the county and state and witnessed, first-hand, the driving forces behind property ownership and the challenges property owners have with county and state government. Jerrett Lamb seeks to challenge the status-quo and make "real changes."
Election Day is March 1, and early voting begins Feb. 16 and continues through Feb. 26. To learn more about Jerrett V. Lamb and his campaign, visit www.VoteJVL.com.