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Murphy announces for US Congress

Public Announcement

Texas native John Murphy has announced he will run for congressional office in the upcoming primary election to be held March 1.
"Our district is tired of endless rhetoric and few results from Congress," said Murphy. "They see that special interests, lobbyists and party lines often drive political decisions. They want a change. It's time that our representatives make choices that are best for our future, not their future."
Raised in Bandera and Utopia on his family's ranch, Murphy understands small town values. "In a town where everyone knows your name, you'd better conduct yourself with integrity," Murphy stated. Reflecting the diverse makeup of the district, Murphy currently works at a tech start up and studied aerospace engineering and economics at The University of Texas at Austin.
Former Bandera City Councilwoman Brandi Morgan described Murphy as "forward-thinking and ambitious in many ways concerning technology, energy, and our school system."
Taking a firm stance on net neutrality, education and economic opportunities, Murphy said, "Our 21st century economy is built around technology, yet less than 2 percent of Congress is made up of scientists and engineers." He added, "Not only do I understand technology and the opportunities it brings, but it's my job to fix problems and create solutions everyday, which is exactly what we need in Congress - less talk, more action."
To stand behind Murphy for Congress, learn more about opportunities to support his campaign at MurphyforTexas.com and on his campaign Facebook page.